Drill Doctor 360X

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Drill Bit Sharpening Machine 2.5mm – 13mm Capacity


Drill Doctor XP

Drill Bit Sharpening Machine 2.5mm – 13mm Capacity


Drill Doctor 500X

Drill Bit Sharpening Machine 2.5mm – 13mm Capacity


Drill Doctor 750X

Drill Bit Sharpening Machine 2.5mm – 19mm Capacity


Drill Doctor Products

Every Drill Doctor model has its own unique benefits – giving you a variety of options to choose from so you can find a sharpener that suits your needs. From the drill sharpening machines themselves to the chucks and wheel grits to go with it, you will find it all here at ITM.

Drill Doctor Sharpening Machines

The sharpening machines we stock from Drill Doctor come in three varieties: 360X, 500X and 750X.

The 360X model is great for the handyman at home, providing stability and accuracy with a simplistic design. The motor is powerful and has a smooth operating diamond grinding wheel that does not require wheel dressing. Many materials can be sharpened with this model including masonry, steel, carbide, tin coated, cobalt and parabolic twist drills.

The 500X is perfect for tradesman with durability and flexibility. This heavy duty sharpener will work every time, can be conveniently used anywhere, and is versatile and fast.

The 750X is the top of the range sharpener with the versatility you need for everyday use. This tool has the same high standard of durability as the 500X, while also holding an increased capacity with the ability to sharpen up to 19mm bits.

Diamond Wheel Grit

We have two diamond wheel grits in stock, available in 100 and 180 grit. Both options suit every Drill Doctor sharpening machine available. The diamond sharpening wheels by Drill Doctor can be replaced easily and will last you up to several hundred sharpening applications.

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Both experienced tradesman and novices alike will find the sharpening machines from Drill Doctor simple and easy to use. Whichever model you need or whatever parts you choose, you can trust that we will have them in stock and ready to ship out to you wherever you are located across Australia or overseas.

If you would like further information about the Drill Doctor sharpening machines we stock, speak with our knowledgeable staff to gain the advice you need. You can also request a quote from us online or over the phone on (07) 3287 1114.

So if you need a reliable yet affordable solution for your drill sharpening needs, Drill Doctor is one of the best options you will find.